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Christmas Tree


The first weekend of December is traditionally the time when many people start getting their homes ready for Christmas and at the centrepiece of the decor will be your Christmas tree. A beautifully scented pine tree adorned with twinkly lights, candy canes, glass baubles, wooden toys, sparkly stars, jolly Santas and ribbons and bows is all that’s needed to get even the most hardened Scrooge in the mood for the festive season.

This year we’re asking you to start a new tradition and spend some time that weekend decorating a Christmas tree for the birds that visit your garden.

You can decorate an outdoor tree with all sorts of edible ornaments and garlands and we have some fantastic ideas to inspire you including recipes for making homemade decorations as well as a selection available to buy online. You’ll also find some Christmassy birdhouses and feeders.

Even if you don’t have a tree in your garden you can still give your birds a festive treat; a garland of peanuts or dried fruit would look pretty hung among some branches of a shrub or strung along the railings of a balcony.

If you have children they’ll have loads of fun making the decorations and hanging them up and it’s a great way of getting them interested in birds and wildlife. So put on some cheesy Christmas tunes, pour a glass of mulled wine and let your imagination run wild in the kitchen.

If you want to get involved and decorate a Christmas tree for birds this year then join in on our Facebook page – post your photos and share your tips. Or tag your photos on Instagram with #christmasforthebirds to be added to our gallery.

Please ensure that anything you use to decorate your Christmas tree for birds is safe for them to eat and won’t cause a choking hazard. Avoid using fishing line, plastic or wire hooks or pins to hang your decorations and don’t decorate your edible ornaments with glitter, or use glue or adhesive. Make sure the food you use doesn’t contain ingredients that may be toxic to wildlife or are loaded with sugar and salt.