A Frozen Fruity Bird Bath

Frozen Fruity Bird Bath

Take advantage of the freezing weather by creating a beautiful edible feast in your bird bath. Make your fruity masterpiece the day before the mercury is due to drop below zero and you’ll wake up to a frozen splash of colour that your garden birds will can enjoy.

The arrangement is based on a French floral design technique called pavĂ©. Pack your bird bath full of fruit – in this example from MidWestLiving you can see kumquats, cranberries and pepper berries along with some decorative stones, but you could use any fruit and berries you like – and wait for nature to take its course.

Frozen Fruity Bird Bath

As the ice melts the fruit will be exposed giving your garden birds a delicious treat later in the day.

Remember you should always provide clean water for birds during the winter so make sure you have some unfrozen water available nearby.