Popcorn And Cranberry Wreath

Popcorn And Cranberry Wreath

This beautiful Christmas wreath made from cranberries and popcorn will be enjoyed by your garden birds over the Christmas season as well as making a pretty festive feature. It’s a great twist on the popcorn and cranberry garlands that are often hung on Christmas trees.

If you use packaged or microwave popcorn be sure to choose unsalted or natural popcorn as large quantities of salt and sugar can be detrimental to birds’ health. Or better still – make your own popcorn. It’s easy and great fun and you’ll be able to make enough to have some left over for yourself.

You can find full instructions to make the wreath over on Birds & Blooms.

Popcorn And Cranberry Garland

Alternatively, you could make a popcorn and cranberry garland by simply stringing plain popcorn and fresh cranberries on some colourful twine. This would be perfect if you don’t have a garden but still want to feed the birds this Christmas as you can hang the garland from a balcony or even outside a window as shown here.